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Green Coffee Bean Plus Cleanse – Weight Loss Dietary Supplement


Green Coffee Bean Plus Cleanse – Weight Loss Dietary Supplement


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What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?

Green Coffee Bean Extract is extract derived from the unroasted coffee bean. A recent study published in Diabetics, Metabolic Syndrome & Obesity Journal showed dramatic weight loss with no side effect for a test group of subjects that took Green Coffee Bean Extract.

How Does Green Coffee Bean Extract Work?

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract has shown promising results in weight loss studies, and has been promoted  by the medical community as a fat burning supplement. Test subjects were asked not to change their diet or lifestyle, and yet still recorded amazing weight loss results with no side effects. Some researchers believe this was due to the naturally occurring caffeine in green coffee beans; however, the amount of caffeine at 20 mg. per 800 mg. serving, is minimal.  In fact, a typical cup of coffee can contain 100 mg or more caffeine per cup! Researchers now point to Chlorogenic Acid,  compound found in green coffee bean extract that is thought to help the body regulate glucose levels and speed up metabolic functions. This thermogenic compound can help the body naturally burn more calories.

The Super Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse™ Formula

Super Green Coffee Bean Extract Cleanse™  Contains only 100% PURE  Green Coffee Bean Extract, fortified with additional ingredients to support overall body cleansing, including:

  • Cape Aloe – Native to Africa, cape aloe is renowned for its remarkable benefits as an effective natural laxative and colon cleanser
  • Senna Leaves – This effective laxative contains natural levels of anthraquinone glycosides which helps stimulate the colon
  • Cascara Sagrada – Dried bark that is another rich source of anthraquinone glycosides

Check out what Dr.Oz says about the benefits of Green Coffee Beans now!


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