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7Hour Ketones – Raspberry Ketone Supplement


7Hour Ketones – Raspberry Ketone Supplement


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Raspberry Ketone is an enzyme which you get from red raspberries. This enzyme isa recent discovery from the berry that is already known for its many antioxidant properties, and it is proving to be a very aggressive safe weight loss source for many people in the health niche.

Raspberry Ketones have thermogenic properties like synephrine and capsaicin, due to their release of norepinephrine. Norepinephrine has the ability to increase the break down white fat cells (lipolysis), increase mental alertness, and suppress appetite.

Raspberry Ketones also forces HSL (hormone sensitive lipase) to translocate within fat cells, breaking apart fat molecules and preventing fat storage.

Nutritional Benefits
• Fast absorption into body to reap benefits at faster rate
• Reduce cellulite
• Induce fat loss
• Control weight gain
• Reduce fluid retention
• Burn carbohydrates at increased rate
• Suppresses appetite
• Provides additional energy without the jitters
• No known side effects
• 100% Natural
• Equivalent to consuming 1,000 Red Raspberries

Dr. Oz says this is the hottest diet product on the market!!! and is quoted saying “Raspberry ketones actually help to slice the fat up inside the cell so it can seep out faster, so it makes it more easy to be burned


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